Grafix Mission

Our mission is to fulfil Customers’ expectations with comprehensive execution of high-quality prints on different materials. Ever expanding group of our customers is a direct effect of our individualistic approach, reliability, comprehensiveness of service and being environmentally friendly.

Perfect Quality is the Standard

Our values

  • Honesty and Reliability in every aspect of our service
  • Personalised Customer service and advising in search of the optimal solution for each Customer
  • Utilizing materials of the highest quality on every stage of the production cycle
  • Conformity with the highest standards of employment policy, encouraging personal involvement and exemplary cooperation models
  • Conducting a pro-environmental activity, setting standards on the CSR platform

Customer Service

Our inventiveness combined with up-to-date technology and unit-efficiency is a major cause of us having become the leader on the IML Market not only in the
native Poland but the entire Middle and Eastern Europe. It is the best expression not only of the service quality, but also approach towards Customers. We set the work-standards in polygraphy, we want to sustain our good reputation and make our brand ever more recognizable on the market. We have based it upon 3 principles

  • Quality and Efficiency of projects execution
  • Energetic and open-minded approach
  • Inventiveness and original solutions

Our Staff

We are convinced, that services of extraordinary quality can be provided only by an excellent Staff. We comprise of people with different academic background, professional experience and personal features. Our working-environment, based on cooperation and focus on employees promotes self-respect, open-mindedness and permanent professional development. WEeare the employer selected by many of the most-gifted graduates and renowned professionals.